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Philip FarinaPhilip Farina, CPP, CLSD is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer for Farina and Associates, Ltd., based in San Antonio, TX. Farina and Associates, Ltd. is the parent company of Enterprising Securities Training Division and Antiterrorismcareers.com. Mr. Farina is responsible for all business groups supporting client interests globally as well as strategic planning and corporate management.

Mr. Farina is an analytical thinker who possesses over eighteen years of in-depth industry specific knowledge and experience. He has been a pioneer in all facets of security and risk management for the hospitality and tourism industry. He began his career in security while serving in the United States Naval Intelligence Community, where he held top security clearances and gained expertise in antiterrorism, protective services and adult education. Mr. Farina participated in numerous military special operations, amphibious and law enforcement campaigns in the Middle East, Latin America and Africa. During his tenure as a federal law enforcement training officer with the U.S. Department of Defense, he was tasked with conducting penetration tests and antiterrorism exercises against military installations to analyze existing protective operations. As a director of security for many global corporations, he developed a wide array of innovative security and business programs with his core focuses being Hospitality Security Management, Corporate Security Infrastructure and Investigations, Vulnerability Assessments, Business Continuity Analysis, Maritime Security and Crisis Management.

An active member and leader for the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) International, he has held positions as Chapter Committee Chairman for Membership &Recruitment. Currently Mr. Farina holds the position as Chapter Committee Chairman for Education and Certification responsible for organizing and conducting the Certified Protection Professional (CPP) Review Program. The Certified Protection Professional designation is acknowledged as the profession's highest recognition of security practitioners. He is Board Certified in Security Management, having received the distinguished "Certified Protection Professional" (CPP) designation. Mr. Farina is also Board Certified in Homeland Security Level 3 (CHS-III), Board Certified Lodging Security Director (CLSD) and holds many other corporate and government clearances and certifications. He serves on the committee for the International Lodging Security Council and maintains active membership in various professional and civic organizations.

Giving back to the community and supporting law enforcement has always been an important value, and Mr. Farina is continuing to lead the company's efforts throughout its local and national communities. He has been a trusted supporter of various police agencies and non-profits, including the American Red Cross, U.S. Homeland Security Citizen's Corp., Chambers of Commerce, The 100 Club and numerous service organizations.

Mr. Farina is an internationally recognized security expert, speaker, educator and noted author of Antiterrorism Careers - THE Ultimate Guide to Professional Employment Opportunities in Specialized Security. He has been actively involved in the Homeland Security effort, managing and conducting programs for the safeguarding of critical infrastructure.

Realizing the need to work closely alongside the U.S. Government, Mr. Farina partnered with Citizens Corps to orchestrate the first Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) within a hospitality company. He also developed the “Farina-Certified” program. This requires hospitality and tourism companies to meet internationally accepted security and safety standards for the benefit of their employees and customers.

As the driving force behind Farina and Associates, Ltd., Mr. Farina's leadership has engrained key values which make up the corporate culture of our organization. His belief in extraordinary customer service, his commitment to being a true and valued partner with our clients, his courageous passion to continually advance and improve the standards within the security industry, and his dedication to provide uncompromising excellence are the hallmarks of Farina and Associates, Ltd.' stability as the most respected professional service firm in the global hospitality marketplace.

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All of the professionals at Farina and Associates, Ltd. are dedicated to one common goal: Client Success. We are supported by a highly qualified and dedicated management team of Recognized, Working, Brilliant Professionals who have been handpicked and recruited from leading multinational corporations, law firms, intelligence groups, special operations and law enforcement agencies.

Additionally, we have partnered with the following organizations to provide our clients with an unmatched level of service.

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Art Trevino, CPP – Texas-Mexico Investigative Network

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